• Expressing Your Opinion in English: Talking About the Oscars

    The Academy Award ceremony, or Oscars, which took place last week, is the most important event in the film award calendar. Did you watch the show? Here’s how to express your opinion in English.

    What was the best thing about the Oscars this year?

    The fashion,

    The red carpet interviews,

    The musical numbers,

    The way it tried to attract to a younger audience with younger hosts.

    What did you think about the choice of The King’s Speech as best movie?

    Positive reaction

    It deserved it,

    It was an obvious choice,

    There was no competition.

    Negative reaction


    Colin Firth won the Oscar for best actor this year.

    There were better movies,

    I wasn’t convinced,

    I was disappointed with the choice.

    What would you suggest the organizers do next year to improve the event?

    Pick different hosts,

    Reduce the number of skits (or comedy sketches),

    Make the ceremony shorter,

    Organize it for a different time of year, maybe the summer.

    Will you watch the Oscar ceremony next year?


    I wouldn’t miss it,

    It’s an institution in the movie awards season,

    It’s great entertainment.


    It’s an outdated event,

    It’s too long and I find it quite boring,

    It doesn’t affect me one way or another….

    Here’s a short video with Colin Firth talking about his Oscar-winning role in the movie The King’s Speech. See if you can answer the questions that follow it. For those of you wanting to practice listening to an upper-class English accent, this is a great opportunity!

    Firth thought the role would be difficult when he first started it. What is the metaphor he uses at the beginning of the interview to express this?

    What does Colin Firth say was a difficulty he experienced in researching the role?

    Firth makes some interesting comments about history. What does he say?

    What did the mother of David, or Edward III, say to him in her letter and why?

    How do apologists (or those) of favor of David, Edwards VIII, defend him?

    What, if any, was the relationship between the two brothers, David and Bertie?

    What example of early childhood abuse did Firth’s character, Bertie, experience?

    What experience made the father of Firth’s character warm to his son, Bertie?

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