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Nick is an experienced, British EFL teacher having taught adult learners at all levels from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions since 1998, helping them gain the confidence and skills to effectively use English in their daily lives. He has lived and worked in many different countries, including Germany, Spain and Chile and understands the challenges and opportunities of learning a new language. Whether a student wishes to develop general skills, prepare for internationally certified exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, or has more specific needs such as preparing for an interview or presentation, Nick aims to achieve this by making each class as engaging, supportive and enjoyable as possible!

Teaching Experience
  • EFL Teacher since 2000
  • Has taught in London, Barcelona and Santiago.
  • Passionate about languages
Certifications and Diplomas
  • BA Jt Hons in German, Economics and Politics
  • Master's Degree in Translation Studies from Portsmouth University
  • CELTA Certified
  • Thesis on Cultural Translation and Ethnography
  • Fluent in Spanish and German
  • Worked for several years as a Photographer and Translator
  • Enjoys travelling, photography, kayaking, trekking, swimming, the cinema
  • Has lived in Seven different countries