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Laura Hamm is originally from the Chicago area, though she currently lives in Austin, TX where she enjoys the sunshine, tacos, and fantastic live music! She has almost twenty years of experience as a teacher, nine of those years teaching ESL (4 of those years online). She worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea, as well as in Cambodia, Scotland, and Guatemala. She has achieved vast improvements with students preparing for interviews of all sorts: jobs, universities, Visa/embassy, as well as helping students secure high scores in all the major English proficiency tests. In general English classes she tends to focus on helping intermediate to advanced students truly converse naturally, improve their vocabulary, and master their pronunciation. All of her classes are highly personalized to each students specific goals, English environments, and strengths/weaknesses. Whether your English goals are professionally-minded, conversational, written or just for fun: she’s here to help! When she’s not speaking to students all over the world, she loves to be active and outdoors, and she can never get enough of traveling. In fact, last year she launched her very own business, aimed towards helping people explore the world: Richer With Travel. Let’s have an interesting conversation, a laugh, and begin greatly improving your English along the way!

Teaching Experience
  • Teaching since 1998, ESL since 2008, online for over 4 years
  • Has taught in USA, S.Korea, Guatemala, Cambodia, and Scotland
  • Highly experienced in coaching Public Speaking / Performance
Certifications and Diplomas
  • TEFL Certified
  • BA in Theatre
  • Avid traveller and culture-lover (40+ countries so far!), with a keen understanding of cross-cultural coaching.
  • Passionate about art, health, outdoors/exercise, science, music, surfing, and meeting new people like you!