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Kelly is a native English teacher born in Manchester, UK. She has traveled extensively. She has taught English in language schools for almost 6 years. As a musician and songwriter, Kelly has a special interest in the creative use of language and the rhythm and sounds of English. She loves to teach relaxed, fun classes which incorporate pronunciation, vocabulary building, and grammar in context. Her classes are usually conversational or based around discussing authentic texts or short videos. She also teaches using LOI’s specialized lesson plans and other resources. She has a keen interest in politics and current affairs and encourages her students to share their opinions. Her lessons are always centered around the student. Kelly has trained to teach IELTS and also has experience with CPE and TOEIC.  She can also teach business English and help students with presentation skills for work or university. Most importantly, she is friendly, funny and loves teaching!

Teaching Experience
  • ESL Teacher in English Language colleges in England.
  • ESL Teacher since 2006.
  • Over 2 years online teaching experience.
  • Private exam tuition experience.
Certifications and Diplomas
  • CELTA Certification.
  • IELTS teacher training certificate from Manchester Central School of English.
  • UK BA in English.
  • Currently studying Philosophy.
  • Semi-professional musician (guitar and bass), singer and songwriter.
  • Food and travel lover, combining the two is my favourite thing to do after making music.
  • Loves reading, watching films and documentaries and enjoying all of the arts.