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I am a qualified medical professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery and working on attaining a Master’s Degree in Paediatrics, but a tutor by passion. Having been raised in Africa-Zimbabwe- by two professional teachers, I can say teaching literally runs through my veins. I  hold a TEFL Certificate awarded with a Distinction, with under a year’s experience in teaching Business and Conversational English to ages ranging from 16 to 60years. Being a curious globe trotter, I have had the privilege of travelling and experiencing a variety of cultures implementing my love for nature, fitness, health, and adrenaline activities including bungee jumping and speed racing in Asia and  Africa. My calm and nurturing character ensures that my students attain English Proficiency in a fun and relaxed environment. Having my own son has taught me the value of education and how we need to harness every opportunity to widen our learning horizon. So if you are looking for the right dose to cure your English blues, you have come to the right tutor! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Teaching Experience
  • 4 years experience of teaching and mentoring medical students
  • Experience teaching Business and Conversational English
Certifications and Diplomas
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - Zimbabwe University
  • TEFL Certified - with Distinction
  • Enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures
  • Loves nature, fitness and health
  • Enjoys adrenalin activities - Bungee Jumping