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British-Italian teacher Davide is now retired after a very intense CEO career in the corporate IT sector. With a few patents in his name, he now enjoys a tranquil life teaching students of every background. He developed a very effective system to improve student business English skills, with great attention to their vocabulary and comprehension. Along with teaching the language, he gives precious advice on international business etiquette. He has lived in more than 15 countries and now spends his time between Eastern Europe and South East Asia. He loves to establish an interesting dialogue with students and help make their dreams come true.

Teaching Experience
  • ESL Teacher
  • Taught in Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan
  • Has Taught More than 1,600 LOI Students via Skype
Certifications and Diplomas
  • CELTA Certification
  • UK degrees in Fine Arts, Medicine, Electronic Engineering
  • Currently studying quantum physics (You’re never too old to keep learning!)
  • Speaks 11 languages including Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian.
  • Animal and nature lover, owner of a beautiful white cat named Sebastian, his ever-present “assistant.”
  • “Language is the interface of the Soul.” – He actually means it!