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Alex is a bilingual speaker originally from Croatia, currently a nomad shifting his time between his hometown in Croatia, and Hong Kong. He is a PhD in English language and literature from the City University of Hong Kong, and has been a professional English teacher for over 9 years. During his teaching experience he has worked with students of all ages and skill levels. He has prepared his students for various oral exams, TOEFL exams, Cambridge exams, and all types of college level examinations. His first job was a classroom teaching position at a Cambridge English language school, where he prepared students for both Cambridge exams and college entrance exams. He has also worked in the business sector as an in-house English teacher specializing in conference preparation, business English, and hospitality industry English. In between studying for his Bachelor’s degree, Master of Arts degree, and finally his PhD, he has worked as private tutor and online teacher. As a freelance teacher he was able to expand his teaching horizons and teach various levels of English ranging from kindergarten to college level, as well as specific language skills such a conversational English, written English, translation, law, tech sector, and others. Until 2019 he had worked at the City University of Hong Kong as a teaching assistant in the English Department. 

Teaching Experience
  • Over 9 years of teaching experience
  • Has taught at Cambridge English language school
  • Has taught at City University of Hong Kong
Certifications and Diplomas
  • PhD in English language and literature from the City University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Arts degree in English and American studies
  • Bachelor’s degree in English and German language and literature
  • Alex is an avid hiker, martial artist, and obstacle race runner
  • He’s an active fiction writer and reviewer for various journals Fluent in German (written and spoken)