Wear Down

How to Conjugate Wear Down

  • Infinitive: Wear Down
  • Present Tense: Wear Down/ Wears Down
  • -ing Form: Wearing Down
  • Past Tense: Wore Down
  • Past Participle: Worn Down
Wear Down is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Wear Down:

1. To make the surface or top of something disappear due to friction.
[Part Adj.] {Worn Down} Refers to the top or surface that disappeared due to friction.

Examples: The staircase of the old building is worn down and should be replaced.
The brake pads on my car wear down quickly because I always make abrupt stops.

2. To make someone tired, lose self-confidence or agree to do something they originally didn’t want to do.

Examples: Steve didn’t want to get married, but Kimmy wore him down, and they are finally engaged!
The consecutive losses wore the teams’ confidence down, so they had a win-less season.

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