Turn Over

How to Conjugate Turn Over

  • Infinitive: Turn Over
  • Present Tense: Turn Over/ Turns Over
  • -ing Form: Turning Over
  • Past Tense: Turned Over
  • Past Participle: Turned Over
Turn Over is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Turn Over:

1. To move an object so that the part that is on top becomes the bottom and vice versa.

Examples: The omelette breaks when you turn it over because you don’t let it cook long enough.
During that special time of the month, women have to be sure not to turn over on their back or stomach when sleeping.

2. To give something or someone to someone in an authoritative position.

Examples: He turned himself over to the police.
The man turned the bag of money he found over to the police after his friends told him what could possibly happen if he kept it.

3. To replace someone or something continuously.

Examples: The company turns over employees every 30 days, so I wouldn’t work there.
Apple turns over iPhones so often that it is senseless to even buy a phone if there is a better version available less than six months later.

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