Turn On

How to Conjugate Turn On

  • Infinitive: Turn On
  • Present Tense: Turn On/ Turns On
  • -ing Form: Turning On
  • Past Tense: Turned On
  • Past Participle: Turned On
Turn On is a separable and non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Turn On:

1. To cause someone to feel interested and/or attracted.
(Noun) Turn on-Refers to when someone feels an interest or attraction to something.

Examples: It is a turn on to see men opening doors for women.
Devon was trying so hard to turn Jenna on that he tripped and fell on his face.

2. To be against someone in an unpleasant way.

Examples: They say pitbulls can turn on their owners at anytime.
Deena had moved to Florida, and then turned on me all of a sudden.

3. To activate something.

Examples: How do you turn this thing on?!
Please don’t turn on all the lights.

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