Throw Up

How to Conjugate Throw Up

  • Infinitive: Throw Up
  • Present Tense: Throw Up/ Throws Up
  • -ing Form: Throwing Up
  • Past Tense: Threw Up
  • Past Participle: Thrown Up
Throw Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Throw Up:

1. To vomit or puke.

Examples: Bulimia is when a person eats a lot of food at one time, and then forces themselves to throw it up immediately afterwards.
Jason got so drunk last night that he threw up all over a girl he was trying to talk to.

2. To cause liquid or dust particles to rise into the air.

Examples: It’s best to keep your distance when you have a bonfire, because it might throw up sparks into your eyes!
Big trucks usually throw up a lot of dirt particles into the air.

3. To thrust someone or something out of your hands and into the air.

Examples: My baby cousin Elle loves it when I throw her up in the air. She giggles so hard.
Daymond ripped the contract in half and threw it up in the air.

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