Throw Away

How to Conjugate Throw Away

  • Infinitive: Throw Away
  • Present Tense: Throw Away/ Throws Away
  • -ing Form: Throwing Away
  • Past Tense: Threw Away
  • Past Participle: Thrown Away
Throw Away is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Throw Away:

1. To dispose of something you no longer find useful in a waste bin, trash, etc.

Examples: I threw away the ring he gave me after I saw him kissing that girl!
My mom threw my guitar away because I sucked at it.

2. To do something to cause you to lose something of importance.

Examples: You do realize that you just threw away the biggest opportunity of your life right?!
He threw away his dream to become a doctor by doing drugs.

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