Tear Down

How to Conjugate Tear Down

  • Infinitive: Tear Down
  • Present Tense: Tear Down/ Tears Down
  • -ing Form: Tearing Down
  • Past Tense: Tore Down
  • Past Participle: Torn Down
Tear Down is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Tear Down:

1. To deconstruct a building or home.

Examples: It is a shame when city officials decide to tear down historical buildings.
We are going to tear down this house and build a bigger one.

2. To make others feel bad about themselves.

Examples: Sheila became depressed because the kids at school had been tearing her down.
Fans will cheer you on when you are winning, but they will also tear you down when you are losing. They aren’t loyal.

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