Take Back

How to Conjugate Take Back

  • Infinitive: Take Back
  • Present Tense: Take Back/ Takes Back
  • -ing Form: Taking Back
  • Past Tense: Took Back
  • Past Participle: Taken Back
Take Back is a separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Take Back:

1. To return something or someone.

Examples: The dress didn’t fit, so she took it back to the store.
Can you please take back this blender to our neighbor?
Lisa took her nephews back to their house after the movie.

2. To take something that you gave previously.

Examples: My father took back the money after I complained about the amount.
I will take back all of the stuff I bought you, if you don’t clean up your room.

3. To admit that something you said was not true.

Examples: That’s a lie! Take it back!
He immediately took back what he said when he saw the tears form in her eyes.

4. To accept something that is returned or someone who returns.

Examples: The store wouldn’t take back the jeans because I didn’t have my receipt.
TJ begged his ex-girlfriend to take him back.

5. When something or someone reminds you of the past.

Examples: The photo took her back to the days when she was slimmer.
Her perfume took him back to when they first met.

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