Stop Over

How to Conjugate Stop Over

  • Infinitive: Stop Over
  • Present Tense: Stop Over/ Stops Over
  • -ing Form: Stopping Over
  • Past Tense: Stopped Over
  • Past Participle: Stopped Over
Stop Over is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Stop Over:

1. To visit someone for a short period of time.

Examples: Can you please stop over your grandmother’s house on your way home?
We stopped over at my friend’s birthday party for a little while.

2. To make a quick stop during your travels.
[Noun] {Stopover} Refers to the break in between flights or trips.

Examples: There are no direct flights from Moscow to Alaska, so we have to make a stopover in London.
On our cross-country trip to New York, we made a stop over in Minnesota to see a baseball game.

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