Start Out

How to Conjugate Start Out

  • Infinitive: Start Out
  • Present Tense: Start Out/ Starts Out
  • -ing Form: Starting Out
  • Past Tense: Started Out
  • Past Participle: Started Out
Start Out is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Start Out:

1. To begin a trip or venture to some place.

Examples: If we start out early in the morning, then we can get there before noon.
Let’s start out in Italy, and then make our way to Spain and France.

2. To start something that results or develops into something else.

Examples: According to research, couples who start out as friends increase their chances of a lasting relationship.
Facebook started out as a school project before it became popular.

3. To intend to do or be something.

Examples: He didn’t start out to become the greatest athlete. He was just really fond of the sport.
Criminals don’t start out as bad kids, but their poor choices in life make them that way.

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