Run Over

How to Conjugate Run Over

  • Infinitive: Run Over
  • Present Tense: Run Over/ Runs Over
  • -ing Form: Running Over
  • Past Tense: Ran Over
  • Past Participle: Run Over
Run Over is a separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Run Over:

1. When someone is injured or killed by a vehicle.

Examples: How on earth did you run over a cow!?
Some jerk ran over the trees in our front yard last night.

2. When you practice for something, typically a performance or speech.

Examples: The actress ran over her lines with her husband.
Bloomberg should have run over the Spanish portion of his speech a few times.

3. When someone or something continues past a limited time.

Examples: The meeting ran over by 15 minutes.
Three really good scenes had to be deleted, otherwise the movie would run over the allotted time.

4. When someone explains something again.

Examples: The main technique interrogators use on suspects, is to have them run over their story a few times to see if any details change.
Ok, I am going to run over the process one more time, so take notes.

5. When something contains too much liquid.

Examples: You’ve poured so much beer into the glass that it has run over.
Don’t put too much water in the bath tub, or else the water might run over when you get in it.

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