Run Down

How to Conjugate Run Down

  • Infinitive: Run Down
  • Present Tense: Run Down/ Runs Down
  • -ing Form: Running Down
  • Past Tense: Running Down
  • Past Participle: Run Down
Run Down is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Run Down:

1. To hit someone or something with a vehicle.

Examples: The tour bus driver had accidentally run down a deer while trying to drive and guide at the same time.
A man was run down and killed by a drunk driver.

2. To quickly move to a lower level or place.

Examples: The kids ran down the street when they heard the ice cream man coming.
Run down to the living room and get my purse please.

3. To gradually lose power or energy.
[Adj.] {Rundown} Refers to someone or something that lacks energy or power/strength.

Examples: You’ll run down the car battery if you play the radio when it isn’t running.
You’re going to run yourself down if you don’t stop working so much.
The air conditioner is so rundown it’s blowing warm air.

4. To give a detailed explanation of something from start to end.
[Noun] {Rundown} Refers to a detailed explanation.

Examples: Can you run that down to me again?
Let me give you the rundown of the Mayweather versus Maidana fight.

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