Rip Up

How to Conjugate Rip Up

  • Infinitive: Rip Up
  • Present Tense: Rip Up/ Rips Up
  • -ing Form: Ripping Up
  • Past Tense: Ripped Up
  • Past Participle: Ripped Up
Rip Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Rip Up:

1. To tear something (i.e. paper,cloth, etc.) into pieces.

Examples: The kid didn’t like his drawing, so he ripped it up.
I’m not gonna spend $50 on a pair of ripped up jeans, when I can just rip up a pair of my old jeans.

2. To remove something (i.e. carpet, pavement, flooring, etc.) from a surface, or to remove a surface.

Examples: My dad had the handyman rip the carpet up and replace it with hardwood.
The earthquake was so big that it ripped up half the streets on the west side of town.

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