Rip Off

How to Conjugate Rip Off

  • Infinitive: Rip Off
  • Present Tense: Rip Off/ Rips Off
  • -ing Form: Ripping Off
  • Past Tense: Ripped Off
  • Past Participle: Ripped Off
Rip Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Rip Off:

1. When someone asks for a price for something that is too high, when someone cheats or steals.

Examples: Charlie felt like he’d been ripped off when he saw the phone he just bought for half the price
Some big companies have a reputation for ripping people off.

2. [Noun] When someone steals, charges too much, or cheats you.

Examples: This store is a ripoff! I saw the same brand and model is sold at Macy’s, and it’s $80 less.
Diet books are a total ripoff in my opinion.

3. When someone or something physically removes something from its place.

Examples: The incredible hulk ripped a lamp post off the sidewalk!
The tornado ripped branches right off of trees.

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