Put Up

How to Conjugate Put Up

  • Infinitive: Put Up
  • Present Tense: Put Up/ Puts Up
  • -ing Form: Putting Up
  • Past Tense: Put Up
  • Past Participle: Put Up
Put Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Put Up:

1. To move an object to a higher level.

Examples: Put these capsules up on the shelf where the baby can’t reach them.
Put your sweaters up on the top shelf of your closet, and move your t-shirts to the bottom.

2. When you add something to a wall, door or window.

Examples: Most stores put up a ‘Sorry, We’re Closed’ sign at the end of the day.
My dad loves to put up 18th Century paintings in our living room.

3. To build or install something that permanently stands such as a building, wall, fence, etc.

Examples: The Chinese Empire put up the Great Wall to protect the people from intrusion.
My aunt put up a huge fence to have more privacy in her yard.

4. To let people stay in your house.

Examples: We have a guest room where we could put up our out-of-town visitors.
Can you please put me up for the weekend?

5. To contribute money to help pay for something.

Examples: We each had to put up $20 for gas.
He never puts up any money when we go out, so we stopped inviting him.

6. To fight, resist, or argue about something you’re against.

Examples: Muhammad Ali put up a fight about joining the army.
I won’t put up with your nonsense. You can be difficult by yourself.

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