Put Together

How to Conjugate Put Together

  • Infinitive: Put Together
  • Present Tense: Put Together/ Puts Together
  • -ing Form: Putting Together
  • Past Tense: Put Together
  • Past Participle: Put Together
Put Together is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Put Together:

1. To assemble or connect the parts of something.

Examples: It took three days to put the puzzle pieces together.
IKEA sells cabinets that you can easily put together.

2. To make or create plans or a meal.

Examples: Let’s put something together for the Fourth of July.
Moms in the kitchen putting together the food for your luncheon tomorrow.

3. To position something or someone so they are close to each other.

Examples: Don’t put Jaden and Leo together in the same group because they won’t get anything done.
We should put two tables together for the card game.

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