Put In

How to Conjugate Put In

  • Infinitive: Put In
  • Present Tense: Put In/ Puts In
  • -ing Form: Put In
  • Past Tense: Put In
  • Past Participle: Blown Out
Put In is a separable phrasal verb and has 7 definitions.

Definitions of Put In:

1. When you invest or make a deposit. In this example, the amount almost always separates the verb.

Examples: Stan is determined to put some money in his bank account every month.
We need to go to the bank today to put $100 into our checking account.

2. When you put an object into a container.

Examples: The cashier put the groceries into the bag and gave me the change.
Please put your dirty laundry in the basket.

3. When you send someone to a place such as a hospital, jail, mental institution, etc. as needed or required.

Examples: The ski accident put me in the hospital for almost a week.
A lot of people thought bankers that caused the crises should be put in jail.

4. When you use time or effort to accomplish something.

Examples: If you want to become a doctor, you’ll have to put in a lot of time.
Batman put a lot of time in creating the “bat” theme of his costume. He should have put in more time fighting bad guys!

5. When you cause someone to be in a position, circumstance, condition, etc.

Examples: We need to put someone new in charge of the NSA.
I hate to be put in an awkward situation.

6. When you install or put something in place.

Examples: This apartment gets hot during the summer. We need to put in an air conditioning unit.
Heart surgery isn’t so simple. It’s not like they just put in a new heart and they’re done.

7. When you contribute money to pay for something.

Examples: I put in $25 for the meal.
Not everyone put in enough money, so we need a little more to cover the bill.

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