Put Down

How to Conjugate Put Down

  • Infinitive: Put Down
  • Present Tense: Put Down/ Puts Down
  • -ing Form: Putting Down
  • Past Tense: Put Down
  • Past Participle: Put Down
Put Down is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Put Down:

1. To place something on a surface or an object.

Examples: The cop ordered the villain to put his gun down on the ground and to move two feet to the left.
Don’t put your coat down on the couch.

2. To criticize someone.
[Noun] {put down} Refers to an insult or a very rude remark.

Examples: How could you put me down in front of everyone like that?
There is a difference between giving someone constructive criticism and putting them down.
The manager was reprimanded for a put down he made.

3. To pay only a portion or a cost of something.

Examples: I put some money down on my car and financed the rest.
Sam puts money down on his credit card bills every paycheck.

4. To add something to a list.

Examples: Please put your name down on the list and have a seat until you’re called.
The restaurant was packed, so we had to put our name down on the waiting list.

5. To kill an animal because it’s ill, too old or considered a threat to society.

Examples: The dog was put down after he attacked the old lady.
My sister cried when her 9-year-old cat was put down.

6. To do something well.

Examples: My grandma used to put it down in the kitchen. Her food was the best!
The Seattle Seahawks put it down on the Denver Broncos.

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