Put Back

How to Conjugate Put Back

  • Infinitive: Put Back
  • Present Tense: Put Back/ Puts Back
  • -ing Form: Putting Back
  • Past Tense: Put Back
  • Past Participle: Put Back
Put Back is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Put Back:

1. When something is causing a project to slow down.

Examples: The snow storm put the construction project back a few months.
The website redesign has been put back because our designer is busy with more important things.

2. When you postpone doing something and do it at a later date.

Examples: We might have to put back our road trip until everyone is ready.
My travel plans were put back when we learned my wife was pregnant.

3. When you return an object to where it belongs or to where it was previously.

Examples: Alan didn’t like the way his room looked after he rearranged, so he put everything back.
I can let you borrow my favorite sweater, as long as you put it back in my closet afterwards.

4. [Informal] When you drink a lot of alcohol.

Examples: I could put back a lot of beer in college, but these days I’d get sick if I drank that much.
My grandfather could put back a bottle of whiskey and not even seem drunk.

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