Put Away

How to Conjugate Put Away

  • Infinitive: Put Away
  • Present Tense: Put Away/ Puts Away
  • -ing Form: Putting Away
  • Past Tense: Put Away
  • Past Participle: Put Away
Put Away is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Put Away:

1. To place something where it cannot be seen or isn’t in the way of other things.

Examples: I put away my sweaters to make room in my closet for my spring and summer clothes.
The kids put their toys away after they finished playing.

2. To send someone to a prison or mental institution.

Examples: Dean’s parents put him away in rehab after discovering his drug habit.
How many times have you been put away for the same crime?

3. To consume large quantities of food and drinks.

Examples: I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to put away my grandma’s sweet potato pie.
The football team was so hungry after their big win that they put all the food and drinks away within an hour.

4. To hide money or something valuable.

Examples: Be sure to put away some money from each paycheck.
I put away my mom’s pearl earrings that she gave me for my 30th birthday, so I won’t lose them.

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