Plug In

How to Conjugate Plug In

  • Infinitive: Plug In
  • Present Tense: Plug In/ Plugs In
  • -ing Form: Plugging In
  • Past Tense: Plugged In
  • Past Participle: Plugged In
Plug In is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Plug In:

1. To connect an electrical device to an electrical outlet.
[Noun] {Plug In} Refers to a place where one can connect their electronic device. [Part Adj.] {Plugged in} Refers to a electrical device connected to a power outlet.

Examples: Is there somewhere I can plug in my computer?
Yes, there is a plug in right here.
Please don’t leave it plugged in. Unplug it when you’re finished.

2. To input numerical data into a system.

Examples: We need to plug in the numbers to see where we are this quarter.
Did you plug in these numbers correctly? They don’t add up.

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