Pick Up

How to Conjugate Pick Up

  • Infinitive: Pick Up
  • Present Tense: Pick Up/ Picks Up
  • -ing Form: Picking Up
  • Past Tense: Picked Up
  • Past Participle: Picked Up
Pick Up is a separable and non-separable phrasal verb and has 8 definitions.

Definitions of Pick Up:

1. To get someone or something from somewhere.

Examples: Kids pick up a lot of jargon and bad habits from school.
Can you please pick up my dress from the cleaners on your way home?

2. To learn or acquire something new.

Examples: It is harder to pick up Spanish as an adult than as a child.
Don and I have been picking up golf lately.

3. To purchase something at a low or discounted price.

Examples: Look at this dress I picked up from Nordstroms! It was half off.
Let’s wait and see if we can pick up tickets to the Seahawks’ game from a ticket scalper.

4. To receive a signal from the airwaves.

Examples: I don’t know why we can’t pick up the Discovery Channel. It is included in our cable package.
The black box on an airplane is the most important part of a plane because it allows air traffic controllers to pick up on signals from the airplane to track where it is at all times.

5. To obtain a contagious illness.

Examples: If an illness or disease is contagious, then you can pick it up from anywhere.
Be sure to get the proper vaccinations before traveling abroad to avoid picking up anything.

6. To answer the phone.

Examples: Since Frank hasn’t picked up the phone in days, his family decided to visit him.
I called the clinic, but no one’s picked up.

7. To take responsibility of another person’s bill.

Examples: Hey, I’ll pick up the check this time.
I love going out with my rich friends because they always pick up the check.

8. To increase or improve after a slow start.

Examples: The rain is starting to pick up, so I’m going to stop at a restaurant for a while.
As soon as sales start to pick up, we’ll give everyone a bonus.

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