Make Up

How to Conjugate Make Up

  • Infinitive: Make Up
  • Present Tense: Make Up/ Makes Up
  • -ing Form: Making Up
  • Past Tense: Made Up
  • Past Participle: Made Up
Make Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 7 definitions.

Definitions of Make Up:

1. To invent a story.
[Part Adj.]{Made-up} Refers to a fictional story.

Examples: She made up that story about going to the mall.
A writer usually makes up a story as he writes it.

2. To form smaller components into a larger form.

Examples: The solar system is made up of the sun and the objects that orbit around it.
Did you know that the sun is made up of a billion stars?

3. To make a final decision.
[Part Adj.] {Made up} Refers to a final decision.

Examples: She has made up her mind to study in Italy for a month.
He is very stubborn. Once his mind is made up there is no changing it.

4. To add more money in order to complete a transaction.

Examples: The shirt is $50, but I only have $25. Can you please make up the difference?.
I don’t have enough money to make up the difference in what I owe.

5. To do something to compensate for what you didn’t get a chance to do at an earlier time.

Examples: I’m so sorry. Please let me make it up to you!
We need to make up for lost time. Let’s have lunch!

6. To apply cosmetics to your face. [Noun] {Makeup} Refers to cosmetics.

Examples: Girls often make themselves up before going out.
Jessica is in the bathroom making up her face.

7. When people stop being mad at each other.

Examples: My sister and I always fight and then make up.
They had a huge fight, and never made up.

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