Look Up

How to Conjugate Look Up

  • Infinitive: Look Up
  • Present Tense: Look Up/ Looks Up
  • -ing Form: Looking Up
  • Past Tense: Looked Up
  • Past Participle: Looked Up
Look Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Look Up:

1. When a situation becomes better.

Examples: Hayden has been struggling with the breakup for many months, but lately things have been looking up and he’s dating someone new.
Faith is a firm believer that things will somehow start to look up in the future.

2. To search and find someone or something.

Examples: Whenever my dad visits London, he always looks up an old friend whom he can party with.
Look me up if you are ever in town!

3. To look in an upward direction.

Examples: Look up! There’s a shooting star!
I just sprayed some air freshener, so don’t look up for 60 seconds.

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