Look At

How to Conjugate Look At

  • Infinitive: Look At
  • Present Tense: Look At/ Looks At
  • -ing Form: Looking At
  • Past Tense: Looked At
  • Past Participle: Looked At
Look At is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Look At:

1. To divert your eyes to someone or something.

Examples: Oh, look at those high heels! They are so fierce!
Don’t look directly at the sun or else you’ll go blind.

2. To closely examine or think carefully about something.

Examples: Have you taken the time to really look at the situation from his perspective?
Look at it this way, if you had gone with him, then you’d be in trouble too.

3. To read something.

Examples: My mom said she’d take a look at the brochure later.
I was looking at a magazine while waiting in line, when a man tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that the cashier was ready for me.

4. To expect a certain amount of time or money (always continuous).

Examples: He’s looking at 25 years to life if he doesn’t take the plea deal.
If we take the train, we’re looking at 20 hours versus 4 hours by plane.

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