Line Up

How to Conjugate Line Up

  • Infinitive: Line Up
  • Present Tense: Line Up/ Lines Up
  • -ing Form: Lining Up
  • Past Tense: Lined Up
  • Past Participle: Lined Up
Line Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Line Up:

1. To form in a row one after another or side-by-side.
[Part Adj.] {Lined Up} Refers to the formation of one after another or side-by-side.

Examples: Victor loves to line up cans for his target shooting practice.
The teacher told her students to line up for recess.

2. To organize a series of acts or activities for an event.
[Noun] {Line-Up} Refers to the acts or activities planned for an event.

Examples: The school lined up a series of activities for Homecoming Week.
Essence Festival is going to have an awesome line-up this year.

3. When people do something all at the same time.

Examples: People are lining up outside of the Apple Store to get the new iPhone.
Fans started lining up yesterday morning to buy Madonna tickets.

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