Let Out

How to Conjugate Let Out

  • Infinitive: Let Out
  • Present Tense: Let Out/ Lets Out
  • -ing Form: Letting Out
  • Past Tense: Let Out
  • Past Participle: Let Out
Let Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Let Out:

1. When you give permission for someone to leave or be released from a place.

Examples: The teachers let the students out early today because of the hurricane.
The dogs are not supposed to be let out until this afternoon.

2. When you do something that shows your emotions or feelings, usually by making a sound.

Examples: I let out a laugh when my brother tripped and spilled his beer.
The scared girl let out a loud scream.

3. When you disclose or reveal secret/confidential information.

Examples: My sister was upset when she discovered that her best friend had let out her secret to someone else.
My dad doesn’t want anyone to know about his hair piece, so don’t let it out.

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