Let Off

How to Conjugate Let Off

  • Infinitive: Let Off
  • Present Tense: Let Off/ Lets Off
  • -ing Form: Letting Off
  • Past Tense: Let Off
  • Past Participle: Let Off
Let Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Let Off:

1. To allow someone to leave a car, bus,train etc.

Examples: The bus driver stopped to let the passengers off the bus.
Her mom let her off at the mall.

2. To release or dismiss the guilty without proper punishment.

Examples: Because it was my first offense the police let me off with a warning, instead of giving me a speeding ticket.
Oscar Pistorius was let off with culpable homicide instead of murder for killing his girlfriend.

3. To fire or release a gun, fireworks or a bomb.

Examples: Someone let off a stink bomb in the hallway, and it stinks really bad!
There are a lot of places where we aren’t allowed to let off fireworks.

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