Leave Over

How to Conjugate Leave Over

  • Infinitive: Leave Over
  • Present Tense: Leave Over/ Leaves Over
  • -ing Form: Leaving Over
  • Past Tense: Left Over
  • Past Participle: Left Over
Leave Over is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Leave Over:

1. When you have a portion that still remains from something after you have used or eaten the rest of it.
[Noun] {leftovers: always plural} Refers to something that still remains from a larger portion.
[Part Adj.] {left-over} To describe what still remains.

Examples: The only food left over from the party is the pasta.
Do you have any money left over from your winnings at Bingo?
Let’s have leftovers for breakfast.
Is this left-over turkey?

2. To exist from the past.

Examples: The attitudes of hate in the United States is left over from the days of segregation and slavery.
Scientists discovered dinosaur bones left over from prehistoric times.

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