Leave Out

How to Conjugate Leave Out

  • Infinitive: Leave Out
  • Present Tense: Leave Out/ Leaves Out
  • -ing Form: Leaving out
  • Past Tense: Left Out
  • Past Participle: Left Out
Leave Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Leave Out:

1. To not include someone or something.

Examples: I left out the coriander, and used cumin in the recipe instead.
Why was Suzie left out of the plans for tonight?

2. To leave an area or place.

Examples: We didn’t leave out the house for the party until after midnight.
Denise left out of the room to let her parents talk in private.

3. To leave something where it doesn’t belong or is unsecured.

Examples: Who left the milk out of the fridge?!
Please don’t leave your stuff out unattended.

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