Lay Down

How to Conjugate Lay Down

  • Infinitive: Lay Down
  • Present Tense: Lay Down/ Lays Down
  • -ing Form: Laying Down
  • Past Tense: Laid Down
  • Past Participle: Laid Down
Lay Down is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Lay Down:

1. To place something on a surface or an object.

Examples: Please don’t lay your coat down on the couch.
He laid the Bible down on the table next to the photo of his late mother.

2. To create and implement a new policy, rule, etc.

Examples: The company had to lay down a few new rules after the incident.
The government lays down laws to benefit themselves, not the people.

3. To kill or to use force to make someone fall.

Examples: Evander Holyfield laid down Mike Tyson in the third round.
The soldiers were laid down in the ambush.

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