Go Out

How to Conjugate Go Out

  • Infinitive: Go Out
  • Present Tense: Go Out/ Goes Out
  • -ing Form: Going Out
  • Past Tense: Went Out
  • Past Participle: Gone Out
Go Out is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Go Out:

1. To leave a place or area you’re in.

Examples: Please close the door when you go out.
Mr. Harrington went out of town for the weekend.

2. To go somewhere to have fun.

Examples: Do you wanna go out dancing?
Let’s go out and celebrate my birthday!

3. To stop functioning.

Examples: The lights went out during the storm.
I need to get a new transmission before my car goes out on me.

4. To do something.

Examples: He always goes out on the soccer field and plays hard .
You need to go out and find a job.

5. To date.

Examples: Sergio and Daina have been going out since middle school.
Do you go out with Leo?

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