Go In

How to Conjugate Go In

  • Infinitive: Go In
  • Present Tense: Go In/ Goes In
  • -ing Form: Going In
  • Past Tense: Went In
  • Past Participle: Gone In
Go In is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Go In:

1. To enter a place, building, room, etc.

Examples: The firemen had to go in the burning building to rescue the civilians.
Minors are not allowed to go in bars and nightclubs.

2. To speak in an aggressive and/or argumentative manner to another person.

Examples: The teacher went in on her student for being disruptive in class.
Why is he going in on her like that?

3. To eat with intensity and at a fast pace.

Examples: Every Thanksgiving my cousins go in on the turkey and greens.
Dang, you’re going in on that ice cream!

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