Go Down

How to Conjugate Go Down

  • Infinitive: Go Down
  • Present Tense: Go Down/ Goes Down
  • -ing Form: Going Down
  • Past Tense: Went Down
  • Past Participle: Gone Down
Go Down is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 7 definitions.

Definitions of Go Down:

1. To move to a lower position, place, price, level, etc.

Examples: Can you go down to the basement and check the fuse box?
The stock market started going down well before it crashed.
We have to leave before the sun goes down.

2. To be sent to prison.

Examples: He went down for five years for burglarizing his neighbor’s home.
People who go down for another person’s crime just so they can prove their loyalty are stupid.

3. To be recorded or known as.

Examples: President Obama went down in history as America’s first black president.
September 11, 2001 has gone down as one of America’s biggest tragedies.

4. To be swallowed or eaten.

Examples: His saliva had gone down the wrong pipe, and so he started coughing very hard.
I prefer to take liquid or powder supplements because they’re easier to go down than capsules.

5. When something stops functioning.

Examples: Argh! This is the fifth time the internet has gone down this week.
Please be sure to save your files on an external hard drive in case the system goes down.

6. When something happens or takes place.

Examples: I can’t wait for my god sister’s wedding to go down. It’s going to be spectacular!
When will the boxing match go down?

7. Used when describing how something is received by others.

Examples: The presentation didn’t go down as well as he had planned, so he didn’t get the account.
The argument went down very badly, and now they aren’t speaking.

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