Go By

How to Conjugate Go By

  • Infinitive: Go By
  • Present Tense: Go By/ Goes By
  • -ing Form: Going By
  • Past Tense: Went By
  • Past Participle: Gone By
Go By is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Go By:

1. To pass someone or something quickly.

Examples: Wait, let the group of kids go by first.
The truck had gone by so fast that our car shook.

2. When you make a short trip or visit to a place.

Examples: I went by the marketplace today to buy some fruit.
I need to go by the post office today to inquire about a package I sent last month.

3. To depend on something for the correct information.

Examples: I went by the instructions that came in the box, so I’m not sure why the bookshelf collapsed.
Don’t go by the clock in the kitchen because it’s still an hour behind.

4. When a period of time passes.

Examples: Another day has gone by and we still haven’t heard from him.
Can you believe how fast time is going by? I swear it was just September!

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