Go Around

How to Conjugate Go Around

  • Infinitive: Go Around
  • Present Tense: Go Around/ Goes Around
  • -ing Form: Going Around
  • Past Tense: Gone Around
  • Past Participle: Gone Around
Go Around is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Go Around:

1. To follow a circular path.

Examples: The runners have gone around the track ten times and still aren’t tired.
You have to go around the island to make a left turn.

2. To avoid a barrier or obstacle.

Examples: Let’s find a way to go around this traffic.
The dog couldn’t access the house through the front door, so it went around to the back door.

3. To visit different places or parts of a location.

Examples: I had gone around all of Barcelona to see the Gaudi architecture when I was there.
Let’s go around to all of the thrift shops today.

4. To do something that is considered annoying or bothersome to others.

Examples: You can’t go around asking people for money all the time. You need to get a job!
People won’t listen to anything you have to say if you’re always going around talking loud to people.

5. When something is distributed or spread around.

Examples: There is a rumor going around that aliens live on earth.
There weren’t enough books to go around, so the students had to share.

6. When an object spins or turns.

Examples: The Ferris wheel goes around too slow.
In the game spin the bottle, most people hope the bottle goes around and stops in front of the person they want to kiss.

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