Give Away

How to Conjugate Give Away

  • Infinitive: Give Away
  • Present Tense: Give Away/ Gives Away
  • -ing Form: Giving Away
  • Past Tense: Gave Away
  • Past Participle: Given Away
Give Away is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Give Away:

1. To give something for free or without expecting anything in return. [Noun] {Giveaway}

Examples: The new mall will give away freebies to their first one-hundred customers.
My brother gave away his old bike to the kid next door.
Dad brought home lots of cool giveaways from the World Tech Expo.

2. To accidentally reveal a secret.

Examples: Don’t give away the movie’s ending!
Why did you give away the surprise? I told you not to say anything!

3. To give an advantage to your opponent, typically in sports.

Examples: The Denver Broncos didn’t give away the Superbowl to the Seahawks, because the Seahawks took it!
A good point guard never gives away who they are going to pass to, or which way they will go.

4. When a father gives his daughter to her husband in a marriage ceremony.

Examples: Sharon asked her uncle to give her away at the wedding since her father had died.
Paul will be giving away his daughter to Brad this Sunday.

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