Get Back To

How to Conjugate Get Back To

  • Infinitive: Get Back To
  • Present Tense: Get Back To/ Gets Back To
  • -ing Form: Getting Back To
  • Past Tense: Got Back To
  • Past Participle: Got Back To/ Gotten Back To
Get Back To is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Get Back To:

1. When you talk to someone at a later time either because you are busy or you have obtained additional or new information.

Examples: If someone calls during my meeting, tell them I’ll get back to them.
My friends asked me to get back to them to let them know I’ve arrived home safely.

2. To return to a previous place, activity, pattern or state.

Examples: The holidays are over, let’s get back to work!
Things are finally getting back to normal after the recession.

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