Get Ahead

How to Conjugate Get Ahead

  • Infinitive: Get Ahead
  • Present Tense: Get Ahead
  • -ing Form: Getting Ahead
  • Past Tense: Got Ahead
  • Past Participle: Gotten Ahead/ Got Ahead
Get Ahead is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Get Ahead:

1. To become successful in the professional environment or make consistent progress in life.

Examples: Some people will do anything to get ahead at work.
It’s hard to get ahead when the economy is bad.

2. To make presumptions or conclusions about something without knowing all the facts.

Examples: My brother got ahead of me and started to cry before I could tell the whole story. It had a happy ending.
Don’t get ahead of me, let me finish what I was saying.

3. To physically get in front of someone, often while moving or waiting.

Examples: I ran as hard as I could, and got ahead of the other runners.
My wife got ahead in the line at the bank by telling everyone she had an emergency.

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