Fool Around

How to Conjugate Fool Around

  • Infinitive: Fool Around
  • Present Tense: Fool Around/ Fools Around
  • -ing Form: Fooling Around
  • Past Tense: Fooled Around
  • Past Participle: Fooled Around
Fool Around is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Fool Around:

1. To waste time doing unimportant or silly things.

Examples: You’ve fooled around long enough. It’s time to get serious now.
The kids always start fooling around when it’s bedtime.

2. To do something that could lead to an unpleasant or dangerous situation.

Examples: Hey, don’t fool around with dad’s gun!
My sister was in the bathroom fooling around with my mother’s face creams, and her face started burning.

3. To have sexual relations with someone you’re not committed to.

Examples: Never fool around with a friend’s ex.
They’ve been fooling around since the summer.

4. To joke with someone.

Examples: Ian was just fooling around when he called you ugly.
Are you fooling around with me?

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