Float Around

How to Conjugate Float Around

  • Infinitive: Float Around
  • Present Tense: Float Around/ Floats Around
  • -ing Form: Floating Around
  • Past Tense: Floated Around
  • Past Participle: Floated Around
Float Around is a separable and non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Float Around:

1. When an object or a person is near, but you cannot pinpoint the exact location.

Examples: I can’t find my slippers, but I know they must be floating around here somewhere.
John is floating around the office somewhere because I heard his voice.

2. When news, a story, idea or rumor, is being discussed by many people.

Examples: Several theories as to the whereabouts of the missing Malaysia flight have been floating around.
The idea is still floating around that people who travel to the Bermuda Triangle will get lost there.

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