Cut Back

How to Conjugate Cut Back

  • Infinitive: Cut Back
  • Present Tense: Cut Back/ Cuts Back
  • -ing Form: Cutting Back
  • Past Tense: Cut Back
  • Past Participle: Cut Back
Cut Back is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Cut Back:

1. When you spend less money on something.

Examples: If I don’t cut my spending back, I ‘ll be out of money by next week.
Since Brad saw the latest iPhone, he cut back on food to save money for it.

2. When you consume less food (liquid or solid).

Examples: Benny’s friends warned him that if he doesn’t cut back on fast food, he would have health problems.
I wish you’d cut back on coffee so you wouldn’t be so jittery at work.

3. When you do something less often.

Examples: The nutritionist advised the athlete to lead a more balanced lifestyle by cutting back on training and adding more carbohydrates to his diet.
If you really want to quit smoking, my advice is to cut back a little on a weekly basis.

4. Note: Cutback (n.) when used as a noun, means that the value spent on something is reduced.

Examples: The cutback in production cost has frustrated the producers of the film.

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