Count On

How to Conjugate Count On

  • Infinitive: Count On
  • Present Tense: Count On/ Counts On
  • -ing Form: Counting On
  • Past Tense: Counted On
  • Past Participle: Counted On
Count On is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Count On:

1. To rely on someone for support when you need it most.

Examples: I can always count on my best friend to be there for me.
The Los Angeles Lakers count on Kobe Bryant to score 30 or more points per game.

2. When you expect something will occur, or that a specific condition exists.

Examples: You can always count on having a great time in New Orleans. There is so much to see and do!
Farmers count on their crops to grow for profit.

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