Come Through

How to Conjugate Come Through

  • Infinitive: Come Through
  • Present Tense: Come Through/ Comes Through
  • -ing Form: Coming Through
  • Past Tense: Came Through
  • Past Participle: Came Through
Come Through is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Come Through:

1. When someone or something expected arrives.

Examples: The diagnostic report hasn’t come through yet, so we’re still waiting.
Step aside and let the paramedics come through to help the poor victim.

2. To produce results despite the odds.

Examples: Mom hasn’t worked in months, but somehow she still comes through with the rent money.
The family was lucky to have come through that ordeal.

3. To non-verbally communicate an emotion.

Examples: The Seahawks’ passion to win really came through in the second half of the game against San Francisco.
The love Jude feels for Tara came through when he said his vows.

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